Established in 2001, we have been producing lacquer home decor products and furniture.

Our design and development team continuously strive to create innovative products, offering a wide range of transitional and contemporary collection that is made of wood, ceramics, poly-resin (fiberglass), etc…

Applying traditional and modern technology in our lacquer process, combining with the most efforts of artists and skilled teams, we transform the simple objects into stunning exotic products.

Our high-end and unique range of vases, wall arts, home accessories, and furniture will certainly bring a luxury appeal to home decoration.



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On a trip to America over 20 years ago, my best friend took me to visit a Japanese shop selling souvenirs in San Francisco. I have gone from surprise to surprise, fascinated with hand-made ceramic and lacquer products with exquisite art. I think the lacquer industry in Vietnam is very plentiful, if there is a Vietnamese store to display here, surely the characteristics of Vietnamese lacquer will not be inferior to that of the Japanese.

After returning to Vietnam, I had the opportunity to visit the lacquer and pottery village.


I was again fascinated to see the artisans bringing all their ingenuity to make by hand on each product to create unique and wonderful art.

After these two experiences, I decided to give up all my thriving businesses in Australia to start my career with passion, daring to start a career without any knowledge about lacquer and enduring challenges for a long time, learning from the experience of skilled workers and skillful craftsmen to prepare my start-up business

For many years, I have been constantly researching the combination of traditional and modern lacquer techniques to implement my product line, to minimize working time but still ensure characteristic of lacquer product

When I mastered the technique, I decided to give myself a separate direction on the product line and decided to turn the traditional lacquer fine art into a modern style, using all kinds of tones and materials with uncatchable high gloss, developing unique designs to create a separate foothold for our product lines.

I spent a lot of time studying the art of water painting and the fast dryness of acrylic paints to apply the feature of these two paints in combination with soft paint inks used for drawing lacquer art to create the soft color tone from serene natural scenes to abstract artworks made in 3D effect. WOAC is so proud of being one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam that dared to boldly convert the traditional lacquer art with the fine drawing line into simple random strokes creating effects on gorgeous patterns/texture to develop our unique product by modern and special technique to be applied in 4 stages with 23 steps to complete meticulously hand-made product for luxury home decoration.

After nearly 20 years of working in the lacquer industry and with famous foreign designers in combination with the craftsmanship and creativity of young artists, we are very proud of developing these techniques and crafts to create unique high-end product lines that contribute to a breakthrough of Vietnamese lacquer art and are being applauded by a lot of international   and domestic clients.
This appreciation and achievements are the great encouragement on the path of our lacquer career development.

Huong Dang
Managing Director

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